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Texas Trails

Texas Drawdown
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After starpacking for a spell, Rawley Pierson and his partner Chaw Stevens decide it is high time they get back to some honest work like cow punching. They hand in their tin stars and head north to find work in the panhandle. But trouble seems to follow the men like coyotes on a spring herd, and soon they find themselves in the middle of a full-scale range war.
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Death on the Texas Range

Trouble is riding high in Stavanger, Texas, and his name is Ace Erickson. Erickson and his gang of outlaws take over the dusty cow town lock, stock, and local lawman. The gang leader supervises a spree of rustling and robbing across Denton County until no spread is safe. When decent ranchers resist the outrages, most get a belly full of lead and a pine box for their trouble.  Then Texas Ranger Captain Charlie Delano rides into town. 
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Texican Blood-Fight

During all the time the hardworking Barlow boys tended their south Texas spread, there'd been no rustling trouble. So when Morgan gets word of an old pal's funeral, he saddles up, leaving his brother Sam to mind the herd for a spell while he pays his respects. But during his absence Zach Medford and his gang cross the Mexican border, killing Sam and stealing the cattle.  Morgan, with revenge burning in his guts, tracks the rustlers day and night back to Mexico.
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