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Non-Series Books

Claybourne Barracks

In the early summer of 1895, the army garrison of Claybourne Barracks, Indiana, is awaiting the arrival of a new commanding officer. The summer social season is about to begin with soirées and galas, but dismay and fear suddenly sweep through Claybourne Barracks...
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Colorado Crossfire

It was a vicious robbery. A gang of gunsels had ambushed a Northwest and Canadian Railroad train, murdering several crewmen. Detective Jim Bigelow figures it had to be Milo Paxton’s Gang.  The Pinkerton man needs a pair of crack frontiersmen to bring the outlaws back dead or alive.  He hires two well-known gunfighters Lefty McNally and the Kiowa Kid.
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The Devil's Bonanza

The homesteaders out on the Kiowa Flats are in big trouble.  Money is scarce and the local banker is foreclosing on their properties.  There seems to be no solution to the problem until the visiting brother-in-law of one of the farmers comes up with a scheme to steal gold from a small mine in Colorado.
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Medicine Bundle

This is much more than a novel.  It is the saga involving the turbulent social and political history of the final opening of Indian lands.  It takes place from 1888 to 1907 in what is now part of modern Oklahoma.  That vast area was taken from Native Americans through ruthless chicanery and lawyering.  This period marks the last stages of development of the American frontier as settlers move in to put down stakes in a region called the Medicine Bundle Grasslands.
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Pistolero Justice

Raul Mackenzie-Mendoza is the mixed-blood son of a Scot-American father and a Mexican mother.  He is an adventurer who speaks two languages and can back up anything he says in either one.  Raul is hired by a desperate Arizona rancher to rescue his niece from the Mexican bandit El Demonio.
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Seek and Destroy
SKU: 978-0451225399

Sergeant Major Jonas Blane must help his clandestine team of warriors, known as The Unit, infiltrate the Congolese National Army to stop a brutal European syndicate from taking over the Democratic Republic of the Congo and make it out alive.
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Renaissance of a Gunfighter

Charlie Martell was once the marshal of Wichita, Kansas.  But four years back, he was wounded while breaking up a bank robbery.  The injuries crippled his right arm and leg leaving him seriously disabled.  Now he lives in the corner of a local livery stable and receives "disability benefits" of five dollars a month from the city.  Then Charlie learns that his best friend U.S. Marshall Nolan Edgewater has been gunned down in the town of Caldwell.  The killers are three of the most vicious criminals in the Indian Nations.  Charlie decides on a final showdown with the murderers.  He knows he stands no chance of surviving, but he wants to make this one final gesture of defiance and personal pride.
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