The Devil's Bonanza, by Patrick Andrews

The Devil's Bonanza

The Devil's Bonanza
Published by Piccadilly Publishing
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The homesteaders out on the Kiowa Flats are in big trouble.  Money is scarce and the local banker is foreclosing on their properties.  There seems to be no solution to the problem until the visiting brother-in-law of one of the farmers comes up with a scheme to steal gold from a small mine in Colorado.  It is in an isolated area and not well protected.  The desperate residents on the Flats agree to pull the job.  But robbers pay their dues and success leads to tragedy when cold-blooded murder gets involved in the scheme.  The farmers who return home are greeted by an unexpected reception from their families who waited for them back on the Flats.

Ebook | 135 pages | B01H5T0TJU | September 15, 2016