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Crossed Arrows

Gaelic Vengeance

Bandits out of Mexico are raiding into the United States by crossing the Rio Grande River to attack isolated communities.  But these invaders are unlike common  bandidos. Instead of looting and raping, they quickly kill as many people as possible, then head back to Mexico.  Captain Mack Hawkins and his Kiowa-Comanche Scout Detachment are deployed to the area to put a stop to the atrocities.
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The Ghost Dancers

Captain Mack Hawkins and Lieutenant Ludlow Dooley with their Kiowa-Comanche Detachment of U.S. Scouts are dispatched to the Arizona Territory.  Their assigned mission is to put a halt to a series of raids on horse ranches.  Neither they nor the U.S. Army realizes these crimes are connected to a Native-American religion called the Ghost Dance. 
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Rocky Mountain Warpath

Captain Mack Hawkins with Lieutenant Ludlow Dooley and the Kiowa-Comanche Detachment of Indian Scouts are sent on a hazardous assignment high up into the Rocky Mountains of Montana.  Their major duty is to protect railroad surveyors coming under fire from hidden snipers.  The detachment arrives for the mission to find it far from routine.
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