The Ghost Dance

The Ghost Dancers

The Ghost Dancers
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Captain Mack Hawkins and Lieutenant Ludlow Dooley with their Kiowa-Comanche Detachment of U.S. Scouts are dispatched to the Arizona Territory.  Their assigned mission is to put a halt to a series of raids on horse ranches.  Neither they nor the U.S. Army realizes these crimes are connected to a Native-American religion called the Ghost Dance.  An Indian prophet is preaching war to the fierce Guerras Apaches living on a reservation in the Tierra Brava Desert.  His sermons promise there will be thousands of ghost warriors resurrected to massacre all whites that exist.  Hawkins and Ludlow are unaware the detachment will be fighting fanatical warriors who believe they have been made immortal by the Prophet's big medicine.  This is a massive catastrophe in the offing for the small detachment

Ebook | 153 pages | B01LZ3VMS4 | October 1, 2016