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The Dragoons

Whiskey River
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After thirty years of duty, Captain Darcy Hays is looking forward to a peaceful retirement until a whiskey-soaked bunch of Sioux renegades wipes out an entire wagon train and takes a young woman hostage.
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The Scalphunters

Roberto Weismann and his gang of renegade outlaws ride to Arizona to hunt Apache scalps for the rich bounty the Mexican Federales pay.  When the chief of the peaceful Chiranato Apache tribe sees his people slaughtered, he swears revenge and trades death for death until the whole territory is on the brink of war.
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Comanchero Blood

Lieutenant Gavin Ross and his U.S. Dragoons are ordered to escort a wagon train of Russian settlers from Fort Leavenworth to their new spreads deep in the Kansas Territory. Gavin expects trouble from renegade Kiowa and Comanche war parties and must move fast through the wilderness.  But they are spotted by the ruthless Comanchero leader Guido Lazaro and his gang who immediately attack.  The dragoons and settlers are outnumbered and surrounded and must beat back the half-breed desperadoes or be massacred.
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Buffalo War

After a long and bloody campaign against Chief War Heart's fierce tribe, Major Matt Devlin and his U.S. Dragoons have finally reached a truce. But the hard-won peace of the vast Dakota Territory is suddenly threatened when a vicious new enemy invades the wild prairie.
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