Texas Drawdown
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After starpacking for a spell, Rawley Pierson and his partner Chaw Stevens decide it is high time they get back to some honest work like cow punching. They hand in their tin stars and head north to find work in the panhandle. But trouble seems to follow the men like coyotes on a spring herd, and soon they find themselves in the middle of a full-scale range war.
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Blood of Apache Mesa

Wildon Boothe is as innocent as a newborn babe when he heads out to the Arizona frontier. The band-playing military pomp of West Point did nothing to prepare the young shavetail for the man-killing wasteland of Apache Mesa.  But if the Army sends him to Hell itself, young Lieutenant Boothe is willing to serve.
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Whiskey River
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After thirty years of duty, Captain Darcy Hays is looking forward to a peaceful retirement until a whiskey-soaked bunch of Sioux renegades wipes out an entire wagon train and takes a young woman hostage.
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The Scalphunters

Roberto Weismann and his gang of renegade outlaws ride to Arizona to hunt Apache scalps for the rich bounty the Mexican Federales pay.  When the chief of the peaceful Chiranato Apache tribe sees his people slaughtered, he swears revenge and trades death for death until the whole territory is on the brink of war.
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Lighthorse Creek

When Martin Blazer establishes his newspaper in the town of Lighthorse Creek, he believes the pen is mightier than the sword.  But Culhane Riley and his gang don't take kindly to Blazer's editorials about law and order.  The young editor is horsewhipped, his printing office wrecked, and it looks like Riley's cohorts will continue running  things their way.  Then Tom Deacon comes to town. 
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Colorado Crossfire

It was a vicious robbery. A gang of gunsels had ambushed a Northwest and Canadian Railroad train, murdering several crewmen. Detective Jim Bigelow figures it had to be Milo Paxton’s Gang.  The Pinkerton man needs a pair of crack frontiersmen to bring the outlaws back dead or alive.  He hires two well-known gunfighters Lefty McNally and the Kiowa Kid.
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Gaelic Vengeance

Bandits out of Mexico are raiding into the United States by crossing the Rio Grande River to attack isolated communities.  But these invaders are unlike common  bandidos. Instead of looting and raping, they quickly kill as many people as possible, then head back to Mexico.  Captain Mack Hawkins and his Kiowa-Comanche Scout Detachment are deployed to the area to put a stop to the atrocities.
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Comanchero Blood

Lieutenant Gavin Ross and his U.S. Dragoons are ordered to escort a wagon train of Russian settlers from Fort Leavenworth to their new spreads deep in the Kansas Territory. Gavin expects trouble from renegade Kiowa and Comanche war parties and must move fast through the wilderness.  But they are spotted by the ruthless Comanchero leader Guido Lazaro and his gang who immediately attack.  The dragoons and settlers are outnumbered and surrounded and must beat back the half-breed desperadoes or be massacred.
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Gunsmoke at Powder River

Captain Charles Riker has been ordered to march his company of social misfits and raw recruits deep into Sioux territory. It is a land of heat and blistering winds, where daydreaming can separate a man from his scalplock . Indian war parties soon spot the bluecoat interlopers and set upon them with savage, mass attacks. When Riker and his command turn back, they find their retreat to the main body of troops cut off by the avenging Sioux.
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The Ghost Dancers

Captain Mack Hawkins and Lieutenant Ludlow Dooley with their Kiowa-Comanche Detachment of U.S. Scouts are dispatched to the Arizona Territory.  Their assigned mission is to put a halt to a series of raids on horse ranches.  Neither they nor the U.S. Army realizes these crimes are connected to a Native-American religion called the Ghost Dance. 
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Buffalo War

After a long and bloody campaign against Chief War Heart's fierce tribe, Major Matt Devlin and his U.S. Dragoons have finally reached a truce. But the hard-won peace of the vast Dakota Territory is suddenly threatened when a vicious new enemy invades the wild prairie.
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The Devil's Bonanza

The homesteaders out on the Kiowa Flats are in big trouble.  Money is scarce and the local banker is foreclosing on their properties.  There seems to be no solution to the problem until the visiting brother-in-law of one of the farmers comes up with a scheme to steal gold from a small mine in Colorado.
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Desperado Run

Ben Cullen is on the run. It isn't the first time he's led the law on a wild and brutal chase, but this time might be the last. He's one of the surviving old guard of outlaws forced onto the Indian Territory by the growing tide of law and order in the newly settled West. With the civilized world closing in, Ben Cullen has to sharpen his wits and survival instincts and hone his gun fighting skills if he wants to avoid the consequences of a violent past.
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Glory's Guidons

Second Lieutenant Brad Pepperdine, a recent graduate of West Point, is assigned to a regiment of African-American soldiers participating in a brutal war against the fierce Comanche Indians.
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Oklahoma Showdown

Dace Halston faces the hardest decision of his life.  He must either honor a special friendship formed during his ranching days in the Oklahoma Territory or stay true to the code of the lawman he had sworn to uphold when they pinned the tin star to his vest.
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Rocky Mountain Warpath

Captain Mack Hawkins with Lieutenant Ludlow Dooley and the Kiowa-Comanche Detachment of Indian Scouts are sent on a hazardous assignment high up into the Rocky Mountains of Montana.  Their major duty is to protect railroad surveyors coming under fire from hidden snipers.  The detachment arrives for the mission to find it far from routine.
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Sabers West

At war's end, Guy Dubose a former officer in the Confederate Army — owning no skill except soldiering — joins up with the U.S. Army, donning the same Yankee blue he'd been lining up in his rifle sights for the last four bloody years. Quartered with society's lowliest at Fort Alexander, Indian Territory, the unreconstructed Rebel finds himself in a whole other kind of shooting match .
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Medicine Bundle

This is much more than a novel.  It is the saga involving the turbulent social and political history of the final opening of Indian lands.  It takes place from 1888 to 1907 in what is now part of modern Oklahoma.  That vast area was taken from Native Americans through ruthless chicanery and lawyering.  This period marks the last stages of development of the American frontier as settlers move in to put down stakes in a region called the Medicine Bundle Grasslands.
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