Gunsmoke at Powder River by Patrick E. Andrews

Gunsmoke at Powder River

Gunsmoke at Powder River
The Long-Knives 4
Published by Piccadilly Publishing
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Captain Charles Riker has been ordered to march his company of social misfits and raw recruits deep into Sioux territory. It is a land of heat and blistering winds, where daydreaming can separate a man from his scalplock. Indian war parties soon spot the bluecoat interlopers and set upon them with savage, mass attacks. When Riker and his command turn back, they find their retreat to the main body of troops cut off by the avenging Sioux.  Outnumbered by hundreds to one Riker must lead his troops across long miles of open country to the nearest outpost at Tongue River. The beleaguered unit is short on rations and ammunition, but will have to be long on determination and guts if they want to survive.

Ebook | 226 pages | $1.99 USD | B01JM0D0SM | November 1, 2016