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Indian Territory

Lighthorse Creek

When Martin Blazer establishes his newspaper in the town of Lighthorse Creek, he believes the pen is mightier than the sword.  But Culhane Riley and his gang don't take kindly to Blazer's editorials about law and order.  The young editor is horsewhipped, his printing office wrecked, and it looks like Riley's cohorts will continue running  things their way.  Then Tom Deacon comes to town. 
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Desperado Run

Ben Cullen is on the run. It isn't the first time he's led the law on a wild and brutal chase, but this time might be the last. He's one of the surviving old guard of outlaws forced onto the Indian Territory by the growing tide of law and order in the newly settled West. With the civilized world closing in, Ben Cullen has to sharpen his wits and survival instincts and hone his gun fighting skills if he wants to avoid the consequences of a violent past.
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Oklahoma Showdown

Dace Halston faces the hardest decision of his life.  He must either honor a special friendship formed during his ranching days in the Oklahoma Territory or stay true to the code of the lawman he had sworn to uphold when they pinned the tin star to his vest.
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