Lighthorse Creek, by Patrick Andrews

Lighthorse Creek

Lighthorse Creek
Indian Territory 3
Published by Piccadilly Publishing
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When Martin Blazer establishes his newspaper in the town of Lighthorse Creek, he believes the pen is mightier than the sword.  But Culhane Riley and his gang don't take kindly to Blazer's editorials about law and order.  The young editor is horsewhipped, his printing office wrecked, and it looks like Riley's cohorts will continue running  things their way.  Then Tom Deacon comes to town.  Deacon knows how to handle a gun, but he uses it sparingly and only in what he considers a good cause.  And he hasn't found a better reason than Martin Blazer's crusade for justice.  The two band together to take on the outlaw gang, and once the battle starts there will be no stopping.  Good men must win or else the devil will dance over their corpses on the streets of Lighthorse Creek.

ebook | 200 pages | B06XDR3LKQ | May 15, 2017