Sabers West

Sabers West
The Long-Knives 2
Published by Piccadilly Publishing
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At war's end, Guy Dubose a former officer in the Confederate Army — owning no skill except soldiering — joins up with the U.S. Army, donning the same Yankee blue he'd been lining up in his rifle sights for the last four bloody years. Quartered with society's lowliest at Fort Alexander, Indian Territory, the unreconstructed Rebel finds himself in a whole other kind of shooting match.  But fighting is fighting, be his opponent Bluebelly or Redskin, and where the gun smoke is the thickest is where Guy DuBose aims to be.  Fort Alexander's commander, Captain Gordon Blackburn doesn't worry about endangering the lives of a few insignificant low-ranking soldiers with life-threatening and glory-seeking tactics.  As far he's concerned it's a small price to pay to obtain a staff position in the War Department. It is up to Sergeant DuBose to stop the madman's recklessness or die with his comrades-in-arms.

Ebook | 172 pages | B01C1OJALC | May 1, 2016