The Unit: Seek and Destroy, by Patrick Andrews

Seek and Destroy

Seek and Destroy
The Unit 1
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A squadron dedicated to covert counter-terrorist missions.

Warriors operating outside the military chain of command.

Unsung heroes on the front lines of a new war.

Based On The “Heartpounding” (Hollywood Reporter) CBS Television Series Conceived By Pulitzer Prize Winner David Mamet.

A European syndicate has launched a well-financed revolution to take over the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their strike force: professional, high-caliber European mercenaries and disaffected soldiers of the Congolese National Army. Their plan: to neutralize the Republic’s armed forces and become the new rulers. Their opposition: the Unit, which must wrestle control from the insurgents in a jungle hell. There’s only one option: to follow the order of intervention to the extreme—and make it out alive.


"At Fort Griffith, Missouri, Commanding officer Tom Ryan orders the "Unit" to report to the Cave immediately. The five operatives (Sergeant Major Blane, Master Sergeant Gerhardt, Staff Sergeant Brown, and Sergeants Grey and Matoskah) arrive immediately because they understand whatever the assignment is they will deploy immediately.

Ryan introduces his team to CIA Controller Munger, who the guys know as a desk jockey interfering with missions, State department Booker Cartwright who acts like Munger's lackey, and Congolese National Army Captain Edward Tshobutu. The mission is to work with Tshobutu to prevent a mercenary group headquartered in Italy from taking over the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mission is difficult enough, but Munger demands they also attempt to win the hearts and minds of those locals who joined the European mercenary force.

The story line is fast-paced and filled with plenty of action as the Unit due to the competence of Tshobutu and his strategic planning and his squad's execution battle the enemy. Readers will enjoy the split between those back in DC ready to whine to Congress and those in the field risking their lives to achieve the mission. The lack of a CIA operative in country or even a State Department suit appears unreal and the mercenaries lacking a strategic on site leader to run their operation seems counter intuitive to how well they set it up. Still although everything goes too smooth, fans will enjoy Patrick Andrews' fine military operations battle in the Democratic Republic of Congo but especially between the soldiers in the field and the suits back home." -Amazon Customer
Paperback | 291 pages | 4.4 x 0.9 x 6.8 inches | 978-0451225399 | September 2, 2008