Gaelic Vengeance

Gaelic Vengeance
Published by Piccadilly Publishing
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Bandits out of Mexico are raiding into the United States by crossing the Rio Grande River to attack isolated communities.  But these invaders are unlike common bandidos. Instead of looting and raping, they quickly kill as many people as possible, then head back to Mexico.  Captain Mack Hawkins and his Kiowa-Comanche Scout Detachment are deployed to the area to put a stop to the atrocities. The captain and his second-in-command Lieutenant Ludlow Dooley are unaware of the complicated and baffling situation they have been thrust into.  This is more than a common criminal act; it is a clandestine military and political conspiracy.  The detachment is quickly caught up in frustrating circumstances and they realize they are chasing shadows. Eventually, the very agitated Captain Hawkins informs Ludlow of his plan of action.  "What we gotta do, Mister Dooley, is invade Mexico and do some real serious hunting and killing of our own."  Ludlow is not sure if that is a good plan or not since it appears that this deployment is too hazardous for only a pair of officers and half dozen scouts to deal with.

Ebook | 174 pages | B06XBTT91R | March 3, 2017