Colorado Crossfire, by Patrick Andrews

Colorado Crossfire

Colorado Crossfire
Published by Piccadilly Publishing
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It was a vicious robbery. A gang of gunsels had ambushed a Northwest and Canadian Railroad train, murdering several crewmen. Detective Jim Bigelow figures it had to be Milo Paxton’s Gang.  The Pinkerton man needs a pair of crack frontiersmen to bring the outlaws back dead or alive.  He hires two well-known gunfighters Lefty McNally and the Kiowa Kid.  Lefty is a U.S. cavalryman’s son and the Kid is half Kiowa, yet they are closer than natural brothers. Hunting down twelve of the most desperate men in the West puts Lefty and the Kid into a six-gun war that will leave dead men scattered among every one-horse town and mining camp from Kansas to Colorado.

Ebook | 232 pages | B06XJ9X6KS | April 15, 2017