Renaissance of a Gunfighter, by Patrick Andrews

Renaissance of a Gunfighter

Renaissance of a Gunfighter
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Charlie Martell was once the marshal of Wichita, Kansas.  But four years back, he was wounded while breaking up a bank robbery.  The injuries crippled his right arm and leg leaving him seriously disabled.  Now he lives in the corner of a local livery stable and receives "disability benefits" of five dollars a month from the city.  Then Charlie learns that his best friend U.S. Marshall Nolan Edgewater has been gunned down in the town of Caldwell.  The killers are three of the most vicious criminals in the Indian Nations.  Charlie decides on a final showdown with the murderers.  He knows he stands no chance of surviving, but he wants to make this one final gesture of defiance and personal pride.

ebook | 142 pages | B01M65N9EH