Whiskey River

Whiskey River
The Dragoons 4
Published by Piccadilly Publishing
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After thirty years of duty, Captain Darcy Hays is looking forward to a peaceful retirement until a whiskey-soaked bunch of Sioux renegades wipes out an entire wagon train and takes a young woman hostage. Only Chief Eagle Talons can lead Hays and his Dragoons to the gang of gunrunners who are supplying his people with the weapons and firewater that has turned the once-proud Sioux warriors into cutthroats and drunkards. Rollo Kenshaw is the outlaw they are looking for. And now it is up to the trail-hardened cavalry soldiers to stop Kenshaw and his gang before they turn the Wyoming territory into a killing ground.

Ebook | 252 pages | $1.99 USD | B071HM31P2 | August 1, 2017